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Countersunk bolt can create a smooth finish on the base material being attached to, instead of leaving the bolt head sticking out. In addition, it prevents the exposure of sharp edges of base material as the pre-drilled holes for these bolts exhibit conical openings at the top. Countersunk bolts are generally used to secure steel plates to a bridge decking, walkway, railing and other applications where a flat fastening surface is required.

Shunfeng countersunk bolts, made of quality steel in grade of 4.8 or 8.8, are available with slots, a cross or hex holes in the head as shown in the following pictures:

Two plain countersunk bolts with slotted flat head.
Slotted countersunk bolts (plain)
Two zinc plated countersunk bolts with crossed flat head.
Crossed countersunk bolts (zinc plating)
Two plain countersunk bolts with hex hole in their flat head.
Countersunk bolts with hex holes (oxidation treated)
Two countersunk bolts with partially threaded shanks.
Countersunk bolts with partially threaded shanks
A dimensional plan of a countersunk bolt.


  • Material: quality carbon steel in grade of 4.8 or 8.8; stainless steel 304 or 316 upon request.
  • Head style: slotted (S), crossed (C) or with hex holes (H).
  • Finish: plain, zinc plating and oxidation treatment, etc.
  • Diameter: M8 to M20 or other customized diameters.
  • Thread pitch: 0.5mm to 2.5mm.
  • Standard: GB, BS, DIN, ISO SAE, etc.
Hot specification of countersunk bolts
Diameter Length (mm) Types Diameter Length (mm) Types Diameter Length (mm) Types
M8 12 C M12 40 C, H M16 85 S, H
M8 16 C, H M12 45 C, H M16 90 S
M8 20 C, H M12 50 C, H M16 100 S
M8 25 C, H M12 55 C, H M16 110 S
M8 30 C, H M12 60 C, H M16 120 S
M8 35 C, H M12 65 C, H M18 40 S
M8 40 C, H M12 70 C, H M18 50 S
M8 45 C, H M12 80 C, H M18 60 S
M8 50 C, H M12 90 C, H M18 70 S
M8 55 C M12 100 C, H M18 75 S
M8 60 C M12 110 C M18 80 S
M8 65 C M12 120 C M18 90 S, H
M8 70 C M14 30 S, H M18 100 S, H
M8 80 C M14 35 S, H M18 110 S, H
M8 90 C M14 40 S, H M18 120 S, H
M8 100 C M14 45 S, H M20 40 S, H
M8 110 C M14 50 S, H M20 45 S, H
M10 16 C M14 55 S, H M20 50 S, H
M10 20 C, H M14 60 S, H M20 55 S, H
M10 25 C, H M14 65 S, H M20 60 S, H
M10 30 C, H M14 70 S, H M20 65 S, H
M10 35 C, H M14 80 S, H M20 70 S, H
M10 40 C, H M14 90 S M20 75 S, H
M10 45 C, H M14 100 S M20 80 S, H
M10 50 C, H M16 25 S, H M20 85 S, H
M10 55 C, H M16 30 S, H M20 90 S, H
M10 60 C, H M16 35 S, H M20 100 S, H
M10 65 C, H M16 40 S, H M20 110 S, H
M10 70 C, H M16 45 S, H M20 120 S, H
M10 80 C, H M16 50 S, H
M10 90 C M16 55 S, H
M10 100 C M16 60 S, H
M12 20 C, H M16 65 S, H
M12 25 C, H M16 70 S, H
M12 30 C, H M16 75 S, H
M12 35 C, H M16 80 S, H
Note: C = crossed countersunk bolts; H = Countersunk bolts with hex-hole heads; S = slotted countersunk bolts

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