Hex bolts, made of zinc plated steel or stainless steel, are available in diameter from 6mm to 24mm and ideal for construction and repair.

Tap bolts, with hex heads and fully threaded shanks, are extensively used in boat building, exterior woodworking and water treatment areas, etc.

Countersunk bolts, made of grade 4.8 and 8.8 steel, are available with slot, cross and hex holes in their heads and used when a flat surface is needed.

Hex nuts, matching with hex bolts, are made of quality low carbon or stainless steel, are available in standard, heavy type, jam and panel types.

Drop-in anchors, made of carbon or stainless steel, are female concrete anchors designed for anchoring into solid base material like masonry.

A sleeve anchor, composed of a nut, a washer, threaded stud and an expansive sleeve, are generally attached to concrete, bricks, block and the like.

Strike anchors are hammer drive expansion fasteners made of yellow zinc plated carbon steel and designed for anchoring into concrete and brick, etc.

Blind rivets, available in open-ended and closed-ended type, are widely used when the access to the joint from the opposite side is not allowed.

Self-drilling screws, with hardened drilling points, pierce soft metal like aluminum quickly, eliminating the needs of drilling separate holes.

Threaded rods, with high strength and durability, are available in both fully threaded and double-end threaded types for general purpose fastening.

Shunfeng flat washers, in various diameters ranging from M6 to M54, include standard type, heavy duty type, fender washers and dock washers.

Split washers, made from quality spring steel or stainless steel, are the best choice when the corrosion and loosening are big concerns.